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Striking the Perfect Balance with Dromo: A Delightful Data File Importer

Dave Fort

Updated July 18, 2023

• 3 min read


  • Dromo offers a balanced blend of essential features, affordable pricing, and excellent service, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking a delightful data file importer.
  • Unlike solopreneurs and open source alternatives, Dromo provides a robust and scalable solution that can meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.
  • Dromo's transparent pricing model, including a convenient monthly payment plan and an unlimited plan at a fixed price, sets it apart from competitors like OneSchema and Flatfile. This transparency and flexibility allow businesses to understand and control their costs effectively.
  • With a suite of comprehensive features, SOC 2 certification, on-premise deployment options, and a responsive support team, Dromo ensures a secure, customizable, and well-supported data importing experience. Its capacity to scale with growing businesses makes it a reliable choice in the long run.

For any company that's tired of building and maintaining a data file importer, the choice to purchase an importer is easy. But choosing the right solution is more complex, because most entail a tradeoff: expensive and complicated, or cheap and threadbare. Dromo is the easy choice for many because it combines all the essential features with affordable pricing and great service.

Dromo is the obvious choice for businesses seeking a balanced data file importer.

Dromo distinguishes itself from solopreneurs and open source alternatives, such as CSVbox and YoBulk, by providing a beautiful UI and comprehensive set of features.

At the same time, it offers affordable and transparent pricing at a fraction of the cost of platforms such as Flatfile and OneSchema.

For more detailed comparisons of Dromo to its competitors, see the Compare page.


Dromo's Competitive Pricing

The pricing is very transparent and there's no sticker shock as it grows.

– Jonathan Marbutt, Vice President of Development at Waycool Software

Dromo prides itself on its transparent pricing model.

Unlike OneSchema, which does not publish a pricing page and makes up a different price for every customer on an ad hoc basis, Dromo provides a detailed breakdown of costs for different plans. This transparency allows you to understand exactly what you're paying for, eliminating any unexpected surprises.

Unlike Flatfile, Dromo does not surprise you with upcharges for essential features like monthly billing or white labeling.

Dromo offers a convenient monthly payment plan that you can cancel at any time, providing flexibility to get started and allowing you to adjust your plan as needed. This contrasts with Osmos and OneSchema, which require substantial upfront payments and annual commitments to even get started.

Furthermore, Dromo also offers an unlimited plan at a fixed price as you scale, allowing you to import as many files as you want for one low price. This is a significant advantage over Flatfile and OneSchema, which do not offer unlimited plans so that they can charge you more as you scale up usage.

Dromo's Comprehensive Features

Dromo accommodates our list of tough requirements and lets us focus our developers' time elsewhere creating customer value.

– Annie Ritch, Senior Software Engineer & Tech Lead at Kojo

Dromo offers a suite of features designed to meet the needs of businesses without overwhelming them with unnecessary complexity.

Unlike solopreneurs and open source alternatives, Dromo offers all the features essential to a modern data file importer: a thoughtful UI, cutting edge AI, integration with 100s of other services, no-code tooling, headless API, complete customization of styling and branding, and support for over 30 languages

Unlike smaller players, Dromo is SOC 2-certified and provides on-premise deployments for Azure, AWS, GCP, and other major cloud providers.

Unlike Flatfile and OneSchema, which require you to process data on their servers, Dromo offers Private Mode and Bring Your Own Storage for when you want to ensure that your data files never transit our servers.

Dromo's Exceptional Service

The timeliness and helpfulness of the Dromo team in response to our questions has got to be the best I've ever experienced.

– Errol Cleary, Software Engineer at PointCare

When it comes to service, Dromo stands out with its responsive and supportive team. Whether you need assistance or are considering a custom feature, Dromo's team of engineers is ready to help.

Dromo's onboarding process is designed to be low-friction and straightforward. This contrasts with the gated processes of OneSchema and Osmos, which requires you to engage with a sales representative just to get started.

Unlike solopreneurs and open source alternatives, Dromo has the capacity to scale with your business. We support customers of all sizes, from startups to NASDAQ-traded companies. When your business is growing, the last thing you should worry about is whether your data file importer can keep up.

The Perfect Balance with Dromo

Dromo strikes the perfect balance as a fully-featured data file importer that makes no compromises on security or service, while remaining affordable for companies of all sizes.