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Provide your users with a beautiful CSV import experience in your app. Never worry about cleaning data manually again. Get started in minutes.

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Dromo is a file importer that takes minutes to configure.

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Fix messy data files

Import CSVs with ease

Dromo's embeddable importer enables your users to get spreadsheets into your app in record time.

  • Map imported data to your schema in one click

    Dromo's AI-powered column matching takes the guesswork out of mapping data.

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  • Validate and clean data seamlessly

    Dromo makes getting your data into shape a breeze with powerful validations that integrate with your app.

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  • Get your data right where you need it

    Dromo delivers perfectly formatted data directly to your app.

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Deploy securely

Keep files private

Don't share your data files with unnecessary third parties, including us!

  • Private mode

    Keep files private. When embedded in your site and run in Private Mode, Dromo operates entirely in the web browser.

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  • Bring your own storage

    Skip the middleman. You can write files directly from the browser to your cloud storage without exposing them to an intermediary.

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  • Self-hosted options

    Stay in complete control. You can deploy Dromo via Kubernetes and host it in your cloud infrastructure.

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SOC2 Certified

Keeping your data safe is central to everything we do. Dromo is SOC2 certified, so you can rest assured that your sensitive data is safe in our hands.


Powerful and
intuitive features
for every import

  • AI-powered column matching

    Dromo harnesses the power of GPT to match the imported file to your schema
  • AI-assisted data editing

  • Annotated Excel export

  • Powerful validations

  • Completely customizable

  • Deep integration into your app with hooks

  • Style to match your app

  • Extensive language support

Move fast with Dromo

Automate your data pipeline

Dromo Headless can import your data from anywhere, and makes fixing any errors simple.

  • Start fast

    Dromo's no-code Schema Studio generates a custom file importer that’s ready to go live or hand off to a developer.

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  • Insert into any workflow

    Dromo's Headless API lets you import any file from anywhere, without user intervention

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  • Integrate with tools you love

    Dromo integrates seamlessly with services across your existing stack, from Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive to Slack and Hubspot, and hundreds of others.

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Fix files from customers,
collaborators and more

Compare Dromo with other providers
  • Reduce onboarding errors by 98%
  • Save more than a year of engineering time
  • Migrate in less than an hour

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You're in good company

We have now rolled out Dromo across our entire customer onboarding experience, and it has made our lives so much easier. Most importantly, our customers love the new experience!
Ryan Chan
CEO at Upkeep.com
E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year finalist


Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Dromo importer walks a user through the process of validating, cleaning, and transforming a data file, guaranteeing that the final output meets all your quality standards and is in the form you expect.
    To configure Dromo, you simply define what the final data file should look like, along with any validation rules or constraints. You do this by creating a "schema" for each import, either in code (Dromo Pro only) or using the no-code Schema Studio.
    To use Dromo, you or an end user must:
    • Initiate an import. This happens in one of two ways:
      • A user opens the embedded Dromo importer and uploads a file (or manually enters their data)
      • You send a file to the Headless API (this feature is a premium add-on)
    • Match columns. After uploading a file, the user matches their column names to the names you require (where possible, the importer does this automatically on their behalf or uses AI to recommend matches).
    • Run bulk transformations. The user may perform bulk transformations on the data, with suggestions powered by AI.
    • Clean remaining errors. The user may review the final data in a familiar workbook interface, which highlights and annotates any errors. They can quickly isolate and diagnose problems and correct the data.
      • If a user prefers to fix errors offline, they may download the current state of the import as an Excel workbook, complete with error annotations, from the review screen. Whenever they re-upload that file, the importer will pick up where they left off.
    Dromo outputs the final cleaned data as a JSON object. You can now move the file to the next stage of your data pipeline (e.g., upsert it into a database, attach it to an email, save it in cloud storage) with confidence.
    Dromo also provides access to metadata about the import and has an option to view final data as a CSV file.
  • Dromo's pricing is flexible, accessible, and honest. We list starting prices on our Pricing page, and we do not have hidden fees or surprise upcharges (such as for monthly billing or white labeling). You can get started without talking to sales or making any upfront commitment.
    We encourage new customers to experiment on the Free plan, then graduate to a usage-based plan that bills monthly (you can cancel anytime). Once you're confident in Dromo, we recommend an unlimited plan at a flat annual rate, so you don't have to manage variable costs as you scale or your usage fluctuates.
  • Yes, you may launch an import programmatically using the Headless API (this feature is a premium add-on). If there are any errors during the import process (for example, a column cannot be matched automatically or a data validation fails) you are provided a URL where you can direct your user to fix the issues. If there are no errors, the import succeeds automatically and the user does not need to be involved.
  • In many cases, no! Although we are SOC 2 certified and can securely process and store data, Dromo believes the very best way to protect your end user data is to never have access to it in the first place. To that end, we offer numerous private configurations that allow you to operate Dromo without the contents of your data files ever transiting our servers or networks.
    You can also deploy Dromo yourself via Kubernetes and host it in your own cloud.
  • Yes, you can pass the final results of an import to services like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, Slack, and hundreds of other out-of-the-box integrations via Zapier.
    You can also write your own server-side integrations using webhooks and the Dromo API.
  • Yes, all Dromo plans are white label out of the box. You may customize the importer to match your brand and style guide by following these instructions.

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