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Dromo Embedded

A seamless data
import experience
in your app



Dromo is a file importer that takes minutes to configure.

Import data 5-10x faster

Reduce the friction for your customers to import data and get started. Companies using Dromo have reported 5-10x faster onboarding times as well as higher conversion rates.

Don’t build for 4-5 months

Data importing isn’t a core feature. It takes 4-6 months to build a data importer without bells and whistles and is a constant distraction for engineering teams.

Reduce Customer Support burden

Nothing kills onboarding momentum than emails back and forth. Dromo customers report drastic reduction in support tickets after implementation.

What is Dromo?

Effortless CSV uploads
with AI-Powered data

Dromo guides your users through uploading a CSV/spreadsheet, mapping messy fields to your schema, validating and fixing issues with AI, and delivering cleaned data to your app. Common use cases include:

  • Onboarding customers
  • Bulk import features
  • Internal tools
Get started

Rapid integration

Quick Setup, Custom Integration

You can set up Dromo within a couple of hours within your app, and then customize it to your applications needs:

    Perform complex data validations, including validations against your database or API

    Automatically map columns and fix data using AI

    Match your product’s look and feel with white labeling and extensive custom branding tools

Security and Performance

The Dromo embedded importer is built with performance and security at its core.

Dromo is ready for workflows of all sizes, from importing simple files in a single click, to handling multi-gigabyte files with millions of rows.

And with Dromo’s unique architecture, your data is secure from beginning to end. With the Dromo importer’s private mode and bring-your-own-storage options, your data never leaves your app.

Get started

Enterprise support

Dromo is Enterprise Ready

Dromo provides support for custom authentication flows, extensive localization options, on-premise hosting, compliance certifications, and more.