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Marketing Plan

The Business Case for Data Onboarding

Explore how data onboarding can enhance customer satisfaction, reduce churn, and boost revenue in the B2B SaaS industry. Discover the ROI of investing in a delightful data onboarding experience.


• 5 min read

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  • Marketing Plan

    Striking the Perfect Balance with Dromo: A Delightful Data File Importer

    Dave Fort


    • 3 min read

  • Marketing Plan

    Understanding the Pricing Models of Premium Data Importers: An In-Depth Comparison of Providers

    Dave Fort


    • 9 min read

Case Studies

A Roadmap to Delightful Data Onboarding GUIDE

A Roadmap to Delightful Data Onboarding

Benchmark your current approach to onboarding data files from customers and get up to date on best practices in UX design, privacy, automation and more.

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  • Customer Stories: Upkeep

    3 minute watch 6/29/22

  • Customer Stories: Waycool

    3 minute watch 8/8/22

  • Customer Stories: Ingenious Build

    4 minute watch 2/13/23


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