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Waycool Migrates from Flatfile to Dromo in Under an Hour and Saves Big

Waycool Software, a provider of management solutions to non-profits, successfully transitioned from Flatfile to Dromo for data onboarding. The migration, which saved Waycool tens of thousands of dollars a year and improved its user experience, was completed in less than an hour, highlighting Dromo's ease of configuration, developer-friendly tooling, and responsive support.

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About Waycool

WayCool Software provides non-profit management software. Its core product, CoolFocus, includes client management, donor management, and volunteer management all in one solution.

Meet Waycool Software, a provider of management software for a variety of nonprofit service providers. One of Waycool's specialties is maternal health: its serves a national network of pregnancy centers, making it easy for physicians to share the results of tests and ultrasounds and for families to schedule counseling visits and classes all in one place.

When a new center signs up for Waycool, they must first upload data about their existing clients in bulk before they can do anything else with the platform. This data is stored in a variety of formats depending on each provider's electronic record system. Waycool needed an importing solution to handle files from anywhere and of any quality, so it could focus on core features like scheduling and donor management. They originally chose Flatfile, one of the pioneers in the data onboarding industry alongside Dromo.

Deciding to leave Flatfile

With Dromo, there's no sticker shock as you grow

– Jonathan Marbutt, Vice President of Development at Waycool Software

When Waycool originally selected Flatfile in 2020, it had high hopes. Led by a team of skilled developers who could implement embeddable software, Waycool was the ideal early adopter. In fact, Flatfile even highlighted Waycool in a prominent case study on its website.

By 2022, however, Waycool was starting to feel forgotten. Flatfile's new features did not resonate with their core use case, and as a small account they struggled to get attention from the support team. They had to jump through many different hoops to get a straight answer on pricing, only to discover that enabling basic features like white labeling would cause the price to soar astronomically.

In early 2022 they began to consider alternatives to Flatfile that balanced affordability and scalability with a great developer and end-user experience. Researching Dromo, they found the straightforward and transparent pricing model to be a breath of fresh air. "There's no sticker shock as you grow," explains Jonathan Marbutt, Waycool's vice president of development, who spearheaded the migration.

Jonathan especially appreciated Dromo's laser focus on embeddable data importing. "Some of the other solutions out there have gotten distracted by other options and other functionality that they're adding, which is outside of the core import logic that Dromo has."

Migrating from Flatfile to Dromo

Start to finish, the migration took less than an hour

– Jonathan Marbutt

When the moment came to make the move, the transition to Dromo was seamless and surprisingly quick. The entire code migration was completed in less than an hour, using Dromo's Angular SDK and quickstart guide.

With Dromo, Waycool not only achieves annual savings in the tens of thousands but also enhances the user experience significantly. Dromo's white label feature – at no additional cost – allows Waycool to fully personalize the importer, thereby maintaining absolute control over the user experience. This is particularly beneficial for their user base, including expectant mothers, who prefer care providers that offer a single, cohesive experience. "Our users feel a lot more confident to share data," says Jonathan."

With Dromo, support is never far away

We never feel like we're just another customer on a list. That's made a big difference.

– Jonathan Marbutt

At the outset of the migration, the Jonathan interacted with the Dromo team several times to ask questions about the documentation and inner workings of the product. Dromo always responded in the same day, and took the time to understand Waycool's use case and the features that it might appreciate in the future. These conversations helped inform Dromo's product roadmap, and in return Jonathan provided extensive feedback about how to improve the Angular SDK.

As Waycool grows, Jonathan knows that Dromo will continue to provide the support they need. "The experience from the management side has been more consistent and solid," says Jonathan. "When there's an issue, they quickly resolve it. Everyone is very helpful–they're very quick to reach out and talk to us … and get an understanding for who we are. We never feel like we're just another customer on a list. That's made a big difference."

With Dromo in their corner, Waycool can focus on its mission of empowering nonprofits to effect positive change through data, without being sidetracked by the complexities of maintaining a data importer. This partnership has positioned Waycool to scale and serve its users more efficiently and effectively than ever before. The struggles they once faced with Flatfile have become a distant memory, thanks to the robust support and attentive service provided by Dromo.