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Dromo vs Flatfile

Choosing the right data file importer can make a big difference to your customer experience and bottom line. This page compares two of the top-rated competitors - Dromo and Flatfile - to help you choose the product that's right for you.Ready to try Dromo for yourself?

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How does Dromo
compare with Flatfile

  Dromo Pro Flatfile
Start free
Base monthly fee starts at $399 $799
Usage allowance (monthly) 250 imports
Unlimited PDV
50 imports
Additional usage fees start at $2 /import $2 /import + $2.50 /10M PDV
Unlimited plan available
Run automatically via headless API
No-code studio
White label All plans Professional and enterprise only
3rd party integrations 100+, including Google, Microsoft, Dropbox and Slack Not specified
Private mode
(provider cannot access data files)
Enabled by default when embedding Dromo Pro Not specified
Richly formatted Excel error report
Competitive data on this page was collected as of July 17th, 2023 and is subject to change or update. Dromo does not make any representations as to the completeness or accuracy of the information on this page.

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What to consider when choosing
a data file importer?

What features do I need?

Reflect on your business objectives and daily operations to determine what specific features you require in a data file importer. For instance, are you looking for seamless integration with third party systems, no-code setup, or automation capabilities via an API? Choose a product that aligns with your needs today, and has the features to accommodate your growth in the future.

Is the pricing transparent?

Transparent pricing is essential to building trust and can help you budget more effectively. Look for clear, upfront pricing details about what is included. Be on the lookout for hidden fees, such as upcharges for white labeling or monthly billing. Ask for multi-year pricing guarantees.,For more detailed information about how pricing works at premium data import providers, check out this in-depth comparison of pricing models in the industry.

Is the product white label?

The ability to remove the provider's logo and customize the importer with your organization's brand identity is crucial for many businesses. Ask upfront to ensure the software can deliver the level of customization you desire. Beware that some providers will only provide white labeling at an additional cost.

Does the provider have access to my users' data files?

Safety and privacy is a top priority when handling data from end users. Robust security measures and SOC 2 certification are table stakes for organizations entrusted with your data. If it is important that the provider never have access to your data files in the first place, look for self-hosted options or a privacy architecture (such as a self-contained importer embedded in a web browser) that gives you the option not to process or store files on the provider's servers.


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There's no sticker shock as you grow… We never feel like, "Hey, we're another customer on the list." That's made a big difference.
Jonathan Marbutt
Vice President, Waycool Software
Migrated from Flatfile to Dromo in 2022

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Dromo vs Flatfile FAQ

  • On pricing:
    • Both offer a way to get started for free without talking to sales.
    • Dromo's paid plans tend to be significantly more affordable and flexible.
    • Dromo offers an unlimited plan to limit the costs customers pay as they scale. Flatfile does not offer an unlimited plan, and the base cost can scale to over $500,000 a year, according to its public pricing model.
    • Flatfile's per-usage billing model meters both the number of imports each month as well as the number of cells processed, whereas Dromo only meters the number of imports.
    On features:
    • Both products can be run with Javascript SDKs and feature a workbook-like UI, AI-enabled automations, custom validations via hooks, a headless API, and webhooks for backend processing.
    • Dromo provides a no-code Schema Studio so that a developer does not have to be involved in configuring and deploying an importer. Flatfile requires a developer to configure it.
    • Flatfile requires users to be on its Professional plan in order to white label their importer, whereas Dromo provides white labeling by default.
    • Dromo includes 100s of out-of-the-box integrations with third-party software, whereas Flatfile does not.
    • Both providers are SOC 2 certified. Dromo also offers low-friction privacy configurations in which your data files never transit Dromo's servers or networks, whereas Flatfile does not.
    • Dromo allows users to download a richly formatted Excel error report of any in-progress import, whereas Flatfile allows users to download only an unformatted CSV of the entire file.
    • Dromo offers premium features on a flexible pay-per-feature basis, while Flatfile bundles them together.
  • Yes, many customers choose Dromo over Flatfile when they first buy a data file importer, or migrate to Dromo in the future.
    One such customer reported that the migration took less than an hour, immediately saved them a significant amount of money, and improved the quality of the user experience. Read their case study.
    Enterprise references are available on request.